Digital Marketing & Advertising Agency in China (Shanghai): Gentlemen

  • SEO & SEM on Baidu

    We provide many webservices from SEO (natural optimization) / SEM (advertising) on Chinese search engines, to auditing your websites and creating quality content. We set up the right search based strategy to generate leads.

  • Community Management

    Social networks are in vogue in China, the Chinese have embraced these new means of communication. It is therefore important for a brand or a company to know how to act and engage on these Chinese specific platforms.

  • Press Relations

    We can help you improve your presence in the Chinese media, from the creation of press releases to communication with the most relevant and useful websites and press for your business.

  • Marketing Buzz

    We are specialized in viral marketing on the Chinese market which is very sensitive to what creates a 'buzz'. We develop a buzz strategy and take over your viral content production and distribution on the Chinese Internet.

  • Awareness / Visibility

    We help brands to achieve exposure and improve their visibility. We increase their traffic, create online advertising campaigns and help them to attract more customers.

  • Lead Generation

    We help companies generate leads by attracting Chinese customers. We help them to improve their visibility, traffic and image among Chinese clients.

  • e-Reputation

    We provide e-reputation service management, we help businesses and brands to develop a better image online that is tailored to the Chinese market.

  • e-Commerce

    We are specialized in e-Commerce and provide the infrastructure required for brands to penetrate the market.

Gentlemen Marketing Agency

  • Digital Marketing
  • E-Commerce
  • E-reputation
  • Branding

Digital Marketing

We are specialists in the world of digital in China. We have built up a high level of expertise in a variety of market sectors with many successful projects tailored to this unique market. It is important to deeply understand the digital environment in order to act with the most effective strategy. Each sector presents different challenges and opportunities, unique market sector strategy is developed by our team by request.


We have gained much experience in the lucrative world of Chinese e-commerce. We can now advise companies to better develop traffic generation and lead acquisition strategies and utilize different methods for generating online purchases and profit from interested leads.


We are specialists in e-reputation management for brands in China. We are the go-to reference point in an e-reputation crisis and help many companies to generate positive feedback from Chinese netizens, the key is ensuring positive sentiment is highly visible and we have developed a host of tools to facilitate this.


Branding is a combination of visibility and image. We help brands to increase their visibility amongst their target market by implementing innovative digital strategies. We work on their e-reputation to improve their image among potiential customers. We use Search Engines, Social Media, and news outlets to really improve the branding of our customers.

Our favorite fields
Industry B2B
Food & beverage
Real Estate & Investment

Our Philosophy

We are not just a simple supplier of services or middle man. We want to be a long term, specialist partner for our customers to ensure your project is a success in China from start to finish.

  • Return On Investment Agency

    It is only when our customers make money that we really start to make money. ROI is all about long term, sustainable strategy leading to ongoing profitability and development.

  • Pure Digital Player

    We are a pure Digital Player, we believe passionately in Digital. We do not work in traditional sales , all our business is focused online.

Case Study

We have a wealth of experience with many successful projects under our collective belt, our success is due to our passion for great work and marketing.

Solutions to help businesses in China

What Client’s Say

  • It was a real pleasure working with Gentleman Agency. With professionalism and high-level skills, they helped me build an online presence (Ranked well Google on 3D Printing France) and increased my audience by more than a 100%. Mr. Verot knows his business and his market, it is wise to trust him and let professionals do something far better than what you would have done alone. I highly recommend working with them. Anthony COLAS - Founder of ATWIM


  • Guys at Gentlemen Marketing agency know what they are doing. They have a solid experience in Chinese social media management & buzz marketing. They know the drills of the market due to the many market studies they have been doing for couple of years now. We cooperated with them for our launch and got tangible/measurable results in terms of traffic. Their rates are affordable. They will get the job done. I think it’s a safe beet…

    CEO Fancy Cellar

  • The SEO solution realized by Gentleman Marketing Agency for our company was efficient. Since the first months, we got excellent results in SEO on Google and Baidu, our visibility was improved and we quickly got many new customers from the Internet. R. Porta - AIGUEMARINE


Blog Updates

We have gained experience in the Chinese e-commerce. We can now advise companies to better traffic acquisition strategies, or different levers online purchase. Chinese ecommerce sector is experiencing a great boom and is in great flux.

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The Team

  • Olivier VEROT

    Founder of Gentlemen Marketing Agency, Olivier is an expert in Digital Marketing in China.

  • Philip QIAN

    Founder of Gentlemen Marketing Agency, Philip is a specialist of digital, tourism and Industry.

  • Alexandre Legagneux

    Alexandre is the managing partner of the agency as well as the key account manager. He is specialized in the Fashion industry.

  • Marcus Zhan

    SEO Expert Managing SEO projects for Baidu.

  • Benji Lamb

    Benji is our director of International Growth based in London.

  • Harry Huang

    Harry is GMA’s Chief Investment Officier.