BtoB Agency specialized on the Chinese market

B2B Agency specialized in the Chinese market

The Chinese market has been expanding for several years, and B2B is no exception. It may be time for you to consider your presence in this market, it offers great potential for continued growth. Today, digital is the most integral part of the market, and significantly affects Chinese purchases. Moreover, e-commerce is booming in terms of sales and market value so utilizing specialist help is indispensable.

145 billion $

Value of the e-commerce market

$16,8 billion

Forecast of B2B e-commerce transaction volume in China for 2017


B2B e-commerce transaction volume growth each year
Business in China thanks to digital methods !

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We are a 100% digital B2B marketing agency located in Shanghai. Our team consists of Chinese, British, American and French digital specialists; we can help you to integrate into the Chinese market and most efficiently help you acquire partners and customers.

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