Chief editor and PR manager (Shanghai)

Gentlemen Marketing Agency is looking for a chief editor to lead breaking news & Quality content coverage, and able to do public relation.   The editor must have excellent editing, writing and organizational skills as well as experience in storytelling and Marketing. Olivier Quotes 10V
Social Media
We are seeking a editor who is comfortable using social media for reporting and disseminating information and to engage the community and grow audience and loyalty. The right candidate will be attuned to the latest trends in journalism and emerging platforms for disseminating news and gathering news.   We seek a battle-tested editor with experience managing and motivating teams day to day and on big breaking news.   Experience as an editor, writer or video maker at a major website
  •  College degree, preferably in journalism,or equivalent experience
  •  Experience working with an online publishing tool or content management system (wordpress)
  •  Experience leading teams of Copywitters and in-depth content Marketing
  •  Must be a skilled and fast writer with superior analytics skills. (Native English speaker)
  •  Must have a sophisticated understanding of social media platforms and strategy
  •  Must possess excellent interpersonal communications skills
  •  Must have the desire to work in a competitive environment
  •  Minimum 3 years’ experience in newsgathering ePR or Digital Marketing
  Salary : between 5 000 rmb to 15 000Rmb/month according to the experience. Apply :   

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