Chinese-English Translation Company

Gentlemen is your Translation Company in China.

The language barrier is one of the main obstacles for foreign companies that want enter the Chinese market.

In order to reach Chinese consumers, foreign companies have to adapt their content to the Chinese audience and therefore they have to communicate in Mandarin Chinese.

Gentlemen Marketing Agency can help you to properly communicate with your potential customers by translating your website and your content to Chinese as well as managing your communications.


Our agency has a complete team including professional Chinese translators who are specialized in English to Chinese and Chinese to English translation. We offer high quality translations in both Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

The majority of Chinese consumers are not able to understand English, therefore it is essential to use the local language. In addition, to operate in China, foreign companies have to present many documents and information translated to Chinese, we can assist with this.

Our mission is to help you penetrate and enter the Chinese market. We will help you to communicate with your target audience and by translating all the information necessary to improve your business in the Asian giant.

Also we will translate the comments and opinions of Chinese consumers about your company and products in order to let you know what they think about you.

This information allows you to make strategic decisions keeping in mind what they think about your company and your products. This is very important because you can improve your business and communication strategies and therefore your reputation among Chinese consumers with this cyclic feedback.


If you want to receive more information about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us.