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Branding yourself is gaining the consumers trust

The Chinese market seems to be inaccessible for Westerners, but creating your brand based around an individual's image is possible in China with the right specialist skills and knowledge. You must therefore build a reliable, professional identity to expect a positive reputation.


Effective campaigns run on Weibo


Active users who engage with celebrities and personalities on Weibo


Weibo users under 30 years old
Your personal branding in China the key is to use digital !

The gentlemenMarketing Agency

Marketing strategy, digital communication and absolute quality best describe our agency. We are 100% digital, our teams consist of Chinese British, American and French digital specialists. We are experts in digital marketing and personal branding. We are located in the heart of Shanghai, a thriving creative and high energy location that matches our passion for providing digital solutions for Artists / Stars / Actors in China .

Do you want to enter the Chinese market ?

We will offer our e-reputation services to suit your needs. We are here to provide a solution for every case, depending on your goals and your budget.

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