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Healthcare in China and Pharmacy Businesses . Digital is the key to succeed

Improving Healthcare in China and pharmaceutical products is supported by the Chinese state and is a wider social ambition. The Chinese are more aware of their health problems, that are currently quite critical. Boosted by FDI, the enormous Chinese pharmacy market (almost the 2nd biggest worldwide) offer a lot of opportunities for businesses working in health departments and wishing to launch their products in China. The net has become the key tool for growth in this environment. 80% of the 750 million netizens have searched for information related to health care online. There is tough competition so the implementation of efficient and innovative strategies is essential.

60 %

Of netziens report that looking online helped them decide on how to treat their health issue


Consult a doctor to obtain further medical advice


Health is the second most discussed subject online in China after finances.
Why not use digital to promote your healthcare products and services in China ?

Case study : Avène

We have worked With Pierre Fabres Group and the Brand Eau Thermale Avène - Avène; a French brand specialized in dermatological Cosmetic (cream and other skin-care). The brand is now implemented and highly successful in China.

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