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Gaining the trust of the Chinese cosmetic consumer

Digital marketing is really important in cosmetic communications. You must understand key market information if you want to successfully integrate into this market ! The growth of the cosmetic industry is undoubtedly the opportunity of the century for cosmetic brands that want to enter China. Here are a few numbers to demonstrate its potential.

Number 2

The second largest cosmetic market in the world

$7.5 billion

Estimated market worth in 2017


Percentage of sales coming from e-commerce
In China, use digital to promote your cosmetics !

Our agencySpecialized in Cosmetics

Our passion is China. Our passion is Digital. Our passion is Marketing. Gentlemen Marketing Agency is here to help you to integrate and succeed in the Chinese market, we are specialized in the cosmetics sector. Our multi-national team combined with Chinese marketing experts provide winning solutions, we keep abreast of different market sectors so you can capitalize on our knowledge. We have already worked for a host of cosmetics companies include; Avène, Klorane, Parfums de Versaille, Pierre Fabre and Yves Rocher Coslys.

Why not launch here?Succeed with your cosmetics in China ?

We can help you to reach your goals, to obtain the visibility you need and to develop the reputation needed for you to tap into the Chinese market. Don't hesitate to contact our experts, we look forward to hearing about your project.

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