China Cross Border eCommerce : Massive Opportunities for Global Brands

China’s Cross Border ecommerce is an amazing opportunity to enter the Chinese market.

China Cross Border eCommerce Some entry barriers are difficult to overcome in China. That’s why cross-border e-commerce can be a much easier way to enter the Chinese market without the need for special licenses to sell in China.

What is the Cross Border e-commerce ?

Cross-border websites allows consumers to buy products online from merchants located abroad. This kind of online shopping is more and more popular in China. Cross-border online trade reached RMB 3,100 billion in 2013 and is expected to increase to RMB 6,500 billion in 2017. The Chinese bought RMB 76.7 billion of foreign products online in 2013. This volume is set to reach RMB 1,000 billion in 2018. With their purchasing power increasing every year, the Chinese are increasingly looking to buy their products abroad. Therefore it’s the right time for your company to make the big leap! And we’ll help you to choose the right e-platforms for your company and your products.

Who are the cross-border e-commerce players in China ?

The platforms on which to sell have become more and more numerous, some of them are for more general product types whilst others are more specialized. Depending on your industry we’ll suggest the most effective platforms on which you can sell your products.

Why open on a cross-border ecommerce website ?

A lot of foreign brands first, decide to open an e-commerce shop using the Tmall or Shangpin platforms. Why? Because it’s a generic, easy to use platform which takes care of payments services and other problems such as the logistics and regulatory issues. Here is an overview of the most popular platforms right now in China.

JD Global

Jd Global   JD Global provides Chinese consumers with a way to buy products that were not available in China before its cross-border platform. They can now buy products from Australia, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States, among others. The website is famous for its technologic products and accessories as well as apparel This is reassuring website for consumers because it promises to only sell authentic brands, has a consumer service in Chinese and has a return address in Mainland China. Right now there are 1200 foreign brands selling their products on

TMall Global

Capture d’écran 2015-05-28 à 10.58.49 Tmall Global is the biggest cross-border platform right now in China. Companies must meet certain requirements in order to be eligible. Tmall Global has planned everything: the payments are received by the company in their own currencies which make it much more easier. On Tmall brands create an official ‘store’ which is hosted by Tmall and the most authentic online shopping platform for reputable brands to sell to like minded consumers whom seek originals, in a market flooded with fakes western products really stand out and shoppers are prepared to pay a premium for this.


Ymatou The site averages more than 1 million users and about 10,000 daily orders. It has offices in Shanghai, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Ymatou also has its own xLobo Global Express logistics company that provides delivery and clearance through ten logistics centers throughout the United States, Australia, Asia, and Europe. The product range sold through the website is quite large. We can find almost everything on this cross-border website.


KJT On this platform you can find 5 different types of products: handbags, fashion accessories, cosmetics, food and baby products. It’s one of the websites that offers the clearest tax pricing service. Kuajingtong


sasa Sasa is a cross-border website specialized in cosmetics. It’s the place to be for cosmetics and beauty brands looking to sell their products in China. A lot of major brands are present on this platform.

Solutions for China Cross Border eCommerce

Our services:


Preparation :

We’ll assist you in selecting the right cross-border platforms by providing audits and giving you the feedback you need.
Store management

Store management :

We’ll work on the commodity submission as well as the page optimization (image design, description and design)
Customer service

Customer service :

Customer service needs to be updated with all the service details and prices. We’ll help you to set up a customer service for your Chinese customers.

Promotion :

We’ll help you with the platform promotion to increase your brand awareness and reputation on the Chinese market.

Reporting :

A monthly reporting will be done to analyze your results and your sales performance. Next step planning will be prepared on a monthly basis.
It’s time for you to succeed and build a Crossborder strategy. To get started contact us and we’ll discuss  your project and give you feedback.

China Cross Border eCommerce : Great Opportunities for Global Brands