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We are an agency based in China, specialized in e marketing and Online Marketing, helping foreign companies to integrate into the Chinese market. The Chinese market is booming with many sectors presenting greater opportunities for foreign companies. Market trends, regulations and consumer behaviour has been evolving significantly in recent years ... many factors come into play. The challenges of operating in Chinese market can end-up being negatively affecting international companies with promising projects. Our role is to simplify this task for you, in order to help you better understand this market. Our marketing strategies are implemented through the most effective digital tools.

750 million

Number of Chinese netizens


Citizens using their smartphone to connect online


Percentage of netizens that have already bought online at least once
Use digital to launch your brand in China

Gentlemen eMarketing Agency

Our goal is to help businesses become established in the Chinese market. Born out of a passion for marketing, the company is 100% digital and specialize in web-marketing in China. Our team of Chinese and western experts make use of the most effective marketing tools and really know this market, customer habits, and its development.. We are located in the center of Shanghai, at the heart of the Chinese economic Center.

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Our experts are here to listen to your projects and help you determine the best strategies for the market. Our agency consistently strive to fulfil your objectives and offer you the best quality service possible.

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