Fashion and Ready-to-wear Agency Shanghai (China)

Fashion and Ready-to-wear Agency Shanghai (China)

Thanks to a strong knowledge about the fashion market in China, we regularly analyze and comment about the current events related via numerous articles. 90 % of Chinese consumers qualify of “much more convenient” a brand they can find on-line. We have a panel of efficient solutions to guarantee the success your brand worth.

6th place

Worldwide country spending in fashion market

$20 billion

Average worth of the fashion market in China


Prevision of the Chinese fashion-market worth's growth from 2010 to 2020
How to give succes to your fashion brand when you are in China ?

We have the experience.

The agency is 100% digital. The tools we use and manipulate are indispensable to an integration on the Chinese market. But we are there to use them for you, in your sector. VOGUE is one of the companies we have work with.

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By its multiple qualities in digital marketing, our agency will now how to best accompaign you all along your integration on this market. Our experts will put to contribution all expertize to fill-in the best possible all your needs. We consider our agency as a partner of yours.

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