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Are you interested to invest in the new project of GMA? We create innovative, must-have solution for Brands in China. We build deep connections with our client and we deliver results. +300% growth since 2012 GMA. We are a Marketing Agency, focus on Results. We help to develop Distribution & Branding, working on Lead Generation campaign, or help to boost e-Commerce in China. GMA for Gentlemen Marketing Agency is full digital Agency, able to create results from scratch, and prove his method with hundreds of clients already.

300% Growth

Annual Growth


USD 3Million Turnover 2018


The Future of GMA

The Future of GMA

GMA future is connected with China. We are the bridge between Foreign Brands and Chinese Consumers. We already start our international Development (Australia, France, UK, Thailand)  with our own resources and expect to reach more countries. Contact us


We help 120 monthly client with a Full integrated campaign involving KOL, stars, e-reputation, WeChat Plan to promote Brands in China. Contact :