A Marketing Agency for Lifestyle Brands in China

Marketing for Lifestyle Brands in China

We are a group of Marketers that already help Lifestyle brands to enter the Chinese Market. If you want to communicate, sell, market your brand in China we can help you. Our range of services will help you to reach Chinese Modern Consumers. The number of Chinese high end consumers keeps on growing, and due to the emergence of a middle class, the Chinese market offers real opportunities for International Small and Medium Brands.


is a new Concept

600 Millions

Lifestyle Consumers

950 million

Digital Consumers in China
To enter the chinese lifestyle marketBrands must go "digital"

Our experience

Located in heart of Shanghai, the Reputation of our Agency is based on qualities work and innovative Solution that reach Chinese High End Consumers. We are specialized in helping Small and Medium brands to enter Chine, optimize their budget to maximize the performance. Thanks to a very varied experience, enriched by different types of customers and services, we are proud to have worked with more than 300 brands in 4years .

Your Lifestyle Brand

You are willing to launch your Lifestyle brand on this complex market ? You have some plans in mind ? Contact-us, share with us your ambitions. We offer Tailormade Strategies to our clients and will be glad to hear about you.

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