Accademia Del Lusso

Accademia Del Lusso


The Chinese education market evolves over time, in line with the country’s GDP. The demand for private education has become more diversified in China, and investment now comes from both local and international players. The next trend expected in 2017 is the growth of online education tools: desktop and mobile. As consumers heavily rely on recommendations, it is crucial for your institution to be visible online, in order to improve your reputation in the competitive Chinese market..


• This School of Fashion & Design is located at Monte Napoleone, in the heart of Milan’s fashion district.

• Its courses in Fashion, Design and Luxury Style are delivered to students ranging from high school graduates to career professionals.

• It received the ‘Lifetime Achievement’ and ‘Fashion Profession’ awards in 2007.

• The school in Milan attracts students from all over the world and seeks to expand internationally.


Increase the visibility, awareness and reputation of the school for the opening of it’s branch in China..



50 leads every month.

Top search result on Baidu.

10K visitors per month on their website.

… A successful branch launch communication campaign.