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Nakesi ia a Furniture Company in China and want to develop their Market oversea, get contacted by Clients that want quality furnitures.    China is the new world leader in the furniture.  The boom in the furniture market is because of the continuous increase in the Chinese market and production happening over the last 20 years. The demand for furniture supplies has increased more than ever, during this time with the Econpmic expansion.   According to figue presented by the China National Furniture Association, an increase of 25.28% is seen in 2011 as compared to 2010 in the terms of the furniture output. This percentage equates to US $83.16 billion. More information 


Nakesi believe of “passion”  about good wor and nice design !   Nakesi Furniture factory was established in 2008; and manuufacture top quality furniture to international customers everywhere in the world.
We have a wealth of experience in metal products, wood & fabric etc.  We apply strict quality control standards to the materials we use in manufacturing our products, in addition to the high standards we apply to all of our products during the manufacturing process.  Our products are also supported by high-quality and excellent after-sales service to serve our customers from purchase point to installation.
Website :     Nakesi, it is not only simple furniture factory but it is a lifestyle thinking environement.   Nakesi believe that Chinese High quality supplier can design and make some high-end quality products “Made in China”. It is only with this type of business model that can sustain itself and keep growing in the future; this is what we are aiming for! We are then proud to make our furnitures in China (Guangdong), we want to prove to anyone that our furniture are “nicely made in China”! more information  nakesi-furniture-factory Nakesi is certainly the best examples of a successful Chinese factory that can produce high quality furnitures.

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