La Rochelle Business School


China accounts for the highest spending on education in Asia. When Japanese and Korean families respectively allocate 10% and 22% of their household income on education, in China that number goes up to 30% (2014). Highly valued because considered, as a way to improve your social status, being visible and getting e-reputation is the key to attract Chinese students in your classes.g


• La Rochelle Business School is located on the French Atlantic coast. It was created in 1988 and is now part of the prestigious network of French Grandes Ecoles. • This school provides different degrees: Bachelor, Master in Management and specialized MBA programs. • A Business School of Tourism was also created and offers trainings specialized in leisure, hospitality and the event industry.
• With its Business Foundation Program, it aims at preparing international students to acquire the necessary skills to enter a French-taught program. La Rochelle Business School attracts many foreign students.




… A greater visibility on the Chinese web, in order to attract foreign students.