Tree Labs


People go online for more than 25 hours per week in China, to make purchases but also research.

There is a trust issue regarding product quality in China, which has two main consequences :

Consumers consider that foreign brands are of much better quality than local products, they base their decisions on the information they find on the Chinese web and from their social circles. It is thus essential to appear on search engine result pages and the right platforms when targeting these informed consumers and to think through your communication strategy carefully.g


This Swiss brand sells audio portable Bluetooth Speakers. They define themselves as a team of ‘audio geeks’.

They control the manufacturing process and take the necessary time to develop and improve for the best product. Their aim is to bring the purest and highest quality of sound to their customers.

Design-wise, they refuse to choose a standard design for all their products and offer original designs. They have partnered with the renowned tattoo studio ‘Tattoo Temple’, so their products could become real works of art.




… Greater exposure and leads brought to the company.