Villa Lebec Shanghai

Nicolas Lebec move from Lyon to Shanghai to realize a new challenge, develop a new Restaurant “à la française” in Shanghai. nicolas-lebec     Nicolas Le Bec, famous Michelin start French Chef, with a taste for adventure, would like to discover new horizon and move with his family to Shanghai to share his knowledge and passion to all the countries, ages, for all the tastes and every day.

Le Chef

His goal is to discover and develop the world flavours with emotion and freedom, while remaining true to the traditions and his gift for imagination. After a childhood where his curiosity led him to walk in different Chinatowns all around the world, Paris, New York, London, Sydney, in order to discover a new culture, he decides for his 40 years old to offer himself a childhood dream. And to leave with his luggage in Asia, in China and particulary in Shanghai, the choice from his heart, to create his new culinary landscape, under the name of Villa Le Bec. more information and discover Nicolas LeBec Interview

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Villa  LeBec

Beautiful Villa from 1924, located under the old plane trees from Xinhua Road, and with an exclusive private garden in the heart of Shanghai. villa-lebec-chine Villa Le bec, a Team Work It’s in this premium venue that Villa Le Bec was born, and where the Chef and his team gets their inspiration from. The team is 95% made in China, and work with passion and courage every day.Everyone has his own role on the side of the Chef. villa-lebec-china The Chef is always on the move, from one side of the Villa to another, watching, supervising, creating and preparing with his team. With one priority: Bring you the Best!  

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