Vogue Paris


The fashion market in China is currently responsible for 30% of the fashion industry’s global market growth with China set to become the become world’s second largest market in 2020. With China’s GDP increasing by approximately 7% every year, spending on high-end clothing is increasing in line with this. Fashion brands used to focus solely on China’s first-tier cities but now with the increase of the middle classes purchasing power, more and more companies are targeting second-tier cities across the country.


The Company:

• The French edition of the famous American fashion magazine.

• Since 1920, famous public figures appear on the cover of the magazine.

• The magazine cooperates with renowned photographers, models and actresses to publish such iconic covers.

• In China, Vogue aims to promote, educate and build their status as an authority on the French culture of fashion.









– More than 2,000 visitors per day on the Vogue official website.

– 2000 Chinese influencers in Fashion followed the Weibo account.

– Increased to over 100 000 Weibo followers.