Results-oriented eCommerce Agency in China (Shanghai)

Gentlemen Marketing Agency is a Results-Focused eCommerce company based in Shanghai, and focused on the Chinese Digital Marketing Promotion for International Brands.

E-Commerce Methodology of Work :

1- Attract the targetted Visitors, 2- Convert More Traffic into client 3- Make them reorder more and develop Your Business   Analysis our Sales Conversion Funnel SEO, PPC, social media & digital marketing agency  specialising in helping companies achieve their highest ever e-Commerce revenues in China A good marketing agency may be able to help ecommerce businesses grow more quickly and alleviate stress for the entrepreneurs w Digital offers integrated, data-driven digital marketing solutions for online lead generation and brand engagement through strategy and service.   We are a agency focused on eCommerce and multichannel marketing :  SEO, PPC, banners ads, Social Media  headquartered in Shanghai with International clients who want to target the Chinese Market  

A Marketing Agency to manage your advertising Campaign in China


A good Marketing agency is often support at creating, managing, and trafficking advertising. And they are usually good at it for at least many  reasons.

They know the Chinese Web Lanscape


They are experienced in what they do :

Marketing agencies use to manage advertising campaign for many customers. They have seen hundreds of successful Marketing campaigns. The team of the agency  is usually passionated and is experienced at measuring the advertising effectiveness.


They are organized.

Agencies will provide detailed accounts of what you have to do to reach the Chinese customers and take care of recording, monitoring, managing and analyzing Social Media, public Relation or Search Engine Marketing Campaign in China A good agency will save you time. In China, every companies lose time to understand the Market . A good agency will guide you in this market. You won’t have to create ads, manage Google AdWords, or remember to update your affiliate program. An agency can do all of these things and save you time each week. They will save you money. Although this is not always true, an advertising agency may actually be able to save you money even when you add their fees on top of the media spend. Because they buy a lot of advertising, they can sometimes get better rates. And for things like pay-per-click advertising, their expertise means they may do a better job of optimizing keywords and campaigns. More information About our E-Commerce Agency Click here.  Any project, do not hesitate to contact us.