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SEO is mainly focused to optimizing websites on search engines and this is vital because businesses can improve its positioning on search engines with the purpose to be accessible for Chinese consumers. Gentlemen Marketing Agency is specialized in SEO and we have a deep knowledge about the Chinese market. gentlemen In China, SEO has become a necessary marketing strategy to get the attention of Chinese shoppers. Nonetheless, SEO in China is different in comparison with other countries because while in Western countries, Google is the largest search engine, in China,  Baidu is the leader. Baidu has more than 70% market share in China and is a tool that companies must keep in mind during their marketing strategies. Chinese consumers use search engines to seek information about products and companies before make any purchasing decision.  That is the reason why companies which wants to have success in China must appear at the top of search engines. SEO helps e-commerce websites to get more traffic by auditing websites, choosing the appropriate keywords and writing content. Ecommerce-China-sales-process

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Analysis: On-page Optimization: On-page optimization is a vital part of the SEO strategy and it is focused on factors that could have an effect on the e-commerce website ranking such as indexation and crawlability. Off-page Optimization (Promotional Activities): Off-Page SEO is a technique that helps e-commerce sites to improve their position on search engines and it is focused to activities outside the webpage Social media optimization: Through social media optimization we can improve your ecommerce website and its content with the aim to drive traffic and generate brand awareness. Search engines give importance to the recommendations of users of social media networks to rank websites on the search engine result pages.   If you are interested to improve your search engine ranking, don’t hesitate to contact us.