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Gentlemen is your Social Media Agency in Shanghai.

Gentlemen is a Marketing Agency specialized in social media strategies across Chinese platforms. Due to our expertise about Chinese social networks, we have the necessary knowledge to help you communicate with your target audience in a properly way and to increase your brand’s awareness

Gentlemen Marketing Agency, based in Shanghai is focused on design high quality social media campaigns that are very attractive for Chinese consumers.


Social media platforms are very popular in China and Chinese users spend a large amount of time on social networks such as Weibo and WeChat. Chinese consumers are constantly connected and they use social media platforms to collect information, opinions and comments of other users about companies and products.

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We encourage the creation of your brand’s official accounts on selected Chinese social networks according to your needs and your business. Thanks to social media platforms, we can improve your brand awareness among Chinese consumers by creating communities with the help of Key Opinion Leaders who represent your values and your company image.

Social networks have become a powerful tool to engage consumers by creating interesting content and by interacting with your followers. Nowadays, social networks are the place to be for companies in order to reach a vast number of potential customers and interact with them.

The power of social media platforms:

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What can our Social Media agency do for you?

If you are interested to know more about Chinese social media platforms, don’t hesitate to contact us.