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Social Media Agency in China

The real value of social media is the INTERACTIVITY and POSITIVE IMPRESSION on your TARGETS. Optimizing your social media marketing tool and you can gain website traffic by catching users attention through social Chinese media. We can help you to target people and their behavior on Chinese social media, create innovative content, understand the special communication skills used on China Social Media. We are GMA, a Smart China Social Media Agency (Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen). We offer Amazing Social Media Marketing Campaign on WeChat, Weibo, RED Douyin

900 Millions

Social Media USer


Chinese rely on Social Media informations

25 hours

Time average Chinese spend on Social Media per week
How a brand can market its Brand and Products on Chinese Social Media like WeChat, weibo etc?

Social Media in China ?

Beauty social Media Mapping in China

Which social media Chinese Girls use to know the Brands, to make their Decision and when they use the product. Beauty social media China   . .

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We help Vogue to Connect With Fashion addicted in China and by postings Chinese sum up of their articles and redirected to their website.

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