SEM/SEO, and Buzz Specialist Gary is a “Geek”. Passionated about Internet, he joint Gentlemen Marketing Agency in 2012. Gary is a SEO Specialist, Search Engine Optimisation for Baidu , and Pay Per Click. Gary alias “Buzz Shifu” Gary is also well know in China, as “Buzz Shifu”, he loves to create Buzz, is very active on every forums and social media.


Interview of Gary, SEO SEM specalist

Can you describe yourself ? 
Someone who focus on digital marketing in China. I working on SEO.
Why do you choose to work in Marketing ? 
I study Advertising Planning in college and I‘m interested in creative things. What is the most creative industries? It is advertising and marketing. so I’m here.
What do you like in digital Marketing ? 
You can infect people ,change their mind and build something in their mind. that is wonderful.
What is the best Advertising Campaign in China according to you ? 
There is not the best  Advertising Campaign in China in my mind. They are good but not the best. I hope we can do the best one.
What is your dream within 5 years ? 
I hope to buy a house in Xuzhou city, get married and start my business in the next 5 years.
Do You have professional Dream ? 
I hope to have influence in the digital marketing.
What is the Digital Tool that you prefer and why ? 
Social Media platform
It is the best platform on Internet to connect people and the most easily way to infect them.
Which Brand you love ? and why ? 
Thinkpad has the best  quality of the products