Olivier VEROT

Founder of Gentlemen Marketing Agency, Olivier is an expert in Digital Marketing in China.   With a passion for China, Internet and any combination of the aforementioned, he owns the website Marketing-chine.com Top 5 marketing website in France and one of the top website focused on China.  

 7 years of Experience in China

He has been working in China for over 7 years in various fields, getting to better understand Chinese culture, becoming fluent in Mandarin, and exploring the various Chinese digital social networks;   Marketing Specialist To pursue his passion for marketing, he has been conducting analyses of Chinese consumers’ behavior, for his blog or for corporate clients, as well as several case studies for the establishment of foreign companies on the Chinese market; In this context, he  has been a  leading key opinion leader on the subject of marketing in China, thanks to its original content;   ­

Expert in Digital Marketing for China

More recently, after coming to the conclusion that numerous companies were willing to develop in China using digital tools to reach consumers, he opened his web marketing agency and sells his expertise and tools in the field of digital communication; This agency aims at helping companies and brands to foster their e-reputation on the Chinese Web using a relevant RP,  SEO, Community management or viral marketing.