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Tmall is the biggest B2C marketplace in China.  It is also the most popular e-commerce platform for brands and businesses that are legally registered and operate in the country.

What is Tmall?

Tmall is the largest B2C (business-to-consumer) site in China. Tmall was created by Taobao in 2010 and since its launched has become the first online sales site in China.  Tmall operates in Mainland China,Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. tmall1 This e-commerce platform allows brands and companies to sell their items and services directly to consumers in the Asian giant. The same as Taobao, Tmall has integrated Alipay’s payment system. Nevertheless, one of the principal differences between Taobao and Tmall is that in, marketers need to be approved in order to set up a store in this e-commerce platform. Due to the company policy, consumers have guarantees about the authenticity and the high quality of the products. Tmall is part of Alibaba group that owns many e-commerce platforms like Alibaba, Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan and AliExpress.  

What means Tmall for businesses?

In contrast to other Chinese e-commerce platforms, Tmall provides a major protection to customers because of the 7-day return policy. As well, Tmall’s marketers are more reliable and trustworthy because they have to be approved before to set up their shop. Tmall includes Alypay as online payment system which is very popular in the Asian giant and is considered as a trustworthy system by Chinese buyers. Tmall Also, Tmall integrates analytic tools such as “Daily Update” which provides daily sales reports.  Those tools are very helpful for merchants in order to design strategic decisions based on their competitors’ sales data. Nowadays,Tmall has more than 70,000 brands in over 50,000 stores and allows marketers to sell their items to the entire Greater China region. As a result of its enormous popularity, Tmall is the place to be in order to reach Chinese consumers without have to open a store in the country.  

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