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WeChat offer

Are you looking to use WeChat to promote your brand but don’t know how to do it ?
Here are all the opportunities offered by WeChat that you can use to build a strong social media strategy.

Nowadays WeChat offers amazing opportunities for all brands to reach their target and communicate with them. Wechat is a smartphone app that is taking over all the others social media for promoting your brands. It will help you to engage with your customers and create a direct link with them. Chinese consumers are very sensitive to those aspects; so don’t hesitate to use WeChat.

650 Millions

Number of worldwide subscribers

550 m

Monthly active users in China

25 min

Time average Chinese speand on Wechat per day
How a brand can market its Brand and Products on WeChat?

What is WeChat ?

WeChat is the most used messaging application in China. It’s a private social networks on which users can share photos, videos and audios with their friends. But brands can also have a Weibo account to witch people can subscribe and then received news.

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We help Malaysia to promotethe country among Chinese travellers, by postings Travel Tips, nice photos and sharing traveller experiences.

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