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KOL Marketing

We recruit influencers to help promote your Brand on Chinese Social Medias. A great tool for increasing sales.

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Wechat Marketing

Wechat is more than a messaging app, it's the #1 Social Network in China. And Should be included in your strategy.

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SEO on Baidu

Search Engine Optimization is different in China. We help you rank your keywords high on Baidu search results.

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Chinese Social Media

Wechat, Weibo, Douyin/tiktok, RED... Chinese social media are a great way to boost your visibility and sales in China.

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Tmall is the biggest e-commerce platform and the best way to sell massively in China. We will help you get you in

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The fastest way to reach your potential customers in China is through online ads in Baidu and Weibo.

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Douyin-Tiktok Agency China

TikTok/ Douyin

Douyin is the platform to be, it has become one of the best platforms to advertize on. Smart & Fun, it is the next Wechat.

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Ctrip Registration

Enter the biggest Chine OTA to promote your tours, hotel, restaurant, mall... If you want to play big, Ctrip is your way to go.

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We've been working with many Brands and Companies (big and small), in many different markets, to achieve great success in China.

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The goal of this post is to share some insights into what works on Zhihu, how brands can use it effectively, and also provide examples of how different companies have used it.

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Legal & practical ways to protect your brand in China

In this article, we will see all the steps you can take to protect your brand in China.

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