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SEO & SEM Online Advertising

As opposed to Western countries where Google is the most popular search engine, in China, Baidu is the leader with more than an 80% market share. Companies need good visibility on search engines and great SEO and SEM strategies.

Online reputation Management

In China, online reputation is vital because Chinese consumers greatly value a company’s reputation. We know how to increase your reputation in China and we the skills to control negative comments about your company.

Community Management

Our company understands Chinese consumers and how they use Chinese social media platforms such as Weibo, Wechat, Youku and forums.

Press Relations

We are able to improve your presence in China by disseminating content on the most effective Chinese media sites.

Marketing Buzz

Viral marketing is of huge importance in the Asian giant because Chinese consumers are very sensitive to what makes a buzz. We design and produce the best strategy which we can diffuse across the country

Videos advertising, Design & Photos

We create high quality videos, photos, and design. We have a specialized and qualified production team who are able to produce attractive and addictive viral videos.

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Advertising in China has no secrets for us. After several years located in Shanghai, we know everything about the Chinese market. You can see some of our case studies below.


The Chinese market

Advertising in China is really different from what it usually is in other countries. One thing you need to know is that the entire digital landscape in China has nothing to do with the Western one. It is really vast and fragmented. Moreover, mobile is much more important than the computer. We can offer you a full advertising solutions including e-commerce, SEO & SEM, digital PR, community management, e-reputation and branding.



During the last five years, we have acquired a deep knowledge and expertise of the Chinese market, we understand the habits and behavior of Chinese consumers. Due to our high levels of expertise in the Chinese market, we know how to effectively promote your company and your products in China and how to reach the maximum number of Chinese consumers. We will increase your presence in China and your brand awareness and therefore help you boost your sales in the country.

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Why should I change my advertising campaign for China ?

The Chinese market is really different from the Western one. First, they have different values, lifestyles and habits. But they also have a whole different digital landscape. Thus, your digital campaign on Google does not impact them. You need to create a brand new one on Baidu.