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Your visibility is what makes your notoriety

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How can you generate leads by the digital in China ?

Responsive Design

We can improve your brand's image with photos, videos, web design according to Chinese taste.


To gain visibility you need a great SEO campaign on Baidu. We can help you getting your website on the first page of research.


Your website is the reflection of your brand. Thus, it needs to be polished because Chinese customers will trust your brand more if your website looks good.

Social Network

To attract clients, you have to be were they spend most of their time : WeChat and Weibo. This will allow you to create a community and interact easily with your customers.

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As we are the most visible online marketing agency in China, our team of experts is perfectly skilled to answer any of your needs ! You can check our case study below for more examples


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A complex market

For this, digital is a strong tool. But with the existing differences between the Western web world and the Chinese’s one, few companies succeed to correctly use all the items that can make their strength. We are an agency that can simplify you this task ! In helping you in this effort of developpement in China.



Our strength ? The comprehension of western and Chinese culture requirements. We combine our Chinese and European team’s digital knowledge for our marketing to be the most efficient possible in lead generation. Located in heart of Shanghai, we inform ourselves about the latest marketing trends to insure you their rapid utilization in your own implementation and communication strategies.

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What is the lead generation ?

Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into someone who has indicated interest in your company’s product or service.

How to attract Chinese customers ?

The process of attracting and capturing Chinese internet users and converting them into customers is different in the unique Chinese internet landscape. The Chinese want to know the authenticity of whatever they are marketed before giving their consent or interest. Brands in China willing to convert Chinese online shoppers should, first of all, understand the culture of the Chinese. They love the quality, authentic goods in a market flooded with fakes, they want to have good user experiences from websites, they are in love with quality pictures, and they cherish websites with great and inspiring content.