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How to attract Chinese tourists? Make them chose your agency!

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Digital Marketing

Every Chinese tourist will look for informations online before his trip. This is the moment for you to catch their attention thanks to e-marketing.

Baidu SEO

As Google is inaccessible in mainland China, a great SEO campaign is needed on China's main search engine : Baidu.

Social Media

To attract customers you need to be where they are : social medias ! We can set up a Weibo and WeChat account for your brand and create your Chinese community.

PR & Buzz Marekting

We can ensure you a great digital Press Relation to make your brand more visible and attract customers.

Chinese Website

As most of the population don't speak English, you need to have a Chinese website. We can create a good looking translation of your original website in Mandarin.

Content & Visuals

Chinese will trust your brand if your visuals are well polished and represent the quality of your brand. We can help you understand Chinese's tastes.

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Our multicultural team of passionate experts already allowed a lot of company, small as well as big, to implement successfully in China. You can check below some of our case studies.


Register on Ctrip / Qunar

Digital opportunities for tourism

Working in the tourism sector and wanting to generate interest, drive traffic, and generate leads for your services from the Chinese community? You have knocked on the right door! We are THE Marketing Agency for Tourism and Hospitality in China. You know "Chinese travelers" are your company’s future.

Chinese OTA Registration

The Chinese love to travel, and they have some of the most popular OTA apps on their phones. These platforms offer suggestions for destinations based on users' profile information so they don't need to search through endless possibilities. We help you register on Chinese OTA, as well as optimize your profile for a better visibility and increased conversion rate.

Localize and translate your content in Chinese

To reach out to the Chinese tourist market, you must first translate all of your content into Mandarin and work on storytelling. Word-for-word translations will not suffice; instead, use cultural insights along with localizing website elements like adverts or tours so they appeal more toward this culture by adapting what's needed for them specifically.

Visibility & e-reputation are Key to success with Chinese Tourists

With so many existing travel agencies in China, you need to stand out and show your customers that they can't get better deals than with you. Use SEO on Baidu (the Chinese Google) as well as reviews of previous trips by other travelers who have used the company before; make sure this information is accessible through Q&A sites like Zhihu or Travel forums where people talk about their experiences abroad - all designed specifically for tourists from mainland China!

Promote your Destination in China with Social Media & Kols

Chinese consumers spend a lot of time-consuming content and connecting with others through social media, which means it's important for businesses in China to get involved too! Whether you promote your destination by posting pictures or videos -or going more direct like Kols Collaboration paid ads-you'll find that people trust what they see from brands who have active presences online; this helps create an image as well as increase brand awareness among potential travelers. We assist you with getting started on Chinese social media through a smart & customized strategy as well as business accounts registration.


Gentlemen Marketing Agency has the most efficient marketing tools and is a recognized expert in this market. We offer you a host of different and effective marketing solutions all tailored to your goals and budget. We have worked for hundreds of companies specialized in travel: Maison de la Chine, Aeroflot, Marriott, and Only Lyon to list only a few. Growth in China is not about the biggest fish but the fastest and most adaptable one, we can represent your business interests in China to help you get ahead in this competitive market.

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How can I reach out to Chinese tour operators?

A good deal of foreign tourism agencies wants to work with a Chinese tour operator. They strongly believe they can get a sweat deal without spending any money. Let me bring you back to the real world: Everything has a price… The price with Chinese tour Operators? You will either get no tourists even tho you’ve already spent resources creating a partnership with this Chinese tour operator or worse, no Chinese travelers, and your “partner” copy your tours.

How do I get more Chinese tourists to my hotel?

With a complete marketing strategy: A web page, SEO on Baidu, Kol, Press release on Chinese media and forum, and a Wechat brochure to easily promote your services on WeChat. You can also register on Ctrip, Qunar, elong, etc… and even buy paid ads on Ctrip, Douyin, and Baidu if your budget is big enough. Think multi-channel marketing strategy and forget about Chinese tour operators, it does not work.

How to be different from competitors in China?

In China, everything goes through branding and e-reputation! You need to localize and translate all of your content into Chinese to suit what your customers expect from you. They’ll be more inclined to trust you if they feel you understand their culture and fit in with it. The world of travel encourages relaxation and dreams, which is why you will also need to take care of your storytelling and your visuals in accordance with your brand DNA and your positioning.