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Smart Solutions to Optimize your Baidu PPC Campaigns

Audit & Market research

Where are you at compare to the competition and what are your problems

Baidu Ads Management Account Creation

Openning a Baidu Ads Account is more complex than creationg a google Ads account

Ads Creation & Ads & Landing Page Optimization

Maximize the results of your campaigns and increase your converstion rate with optimized ads and landing page

Baidu PPC campaigns Reporting

Every month get a full reports and discuss the following steps with our teams

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Because we have been doing marketing in China for the last 10 years, we have earned experienced. Baidu PPC is one of the first tool we have ever used to efficiently performed on the Chinese market, and we know it from A to Z.


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Baidu Ads Account Registration

From step 1 Baidu PPC differs from Google ads; Indeed, the registration process requires a business license as well as a deposit (price varies according to industry). We help you get through the paper and quickly get started.

Baidu PPC Keywords & Landing Page Optimization

Baidu PPC is a great tool to use as one of the first steps of your chinese marketing strategy. It gives you some credibility, indeed, in the customer's eyes, if you can pay for Baidu ads, it means you are a real brand and also bring your first visitors to your website. We will combine your Baidu Paid Ads campaign with a smart SEO strategy. Both channels will support each other in a sustainable way.

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Baidu Ads Management & Reporting

If you don't master mandarin, it is safe to assume that you won't be able to run and manage Baidu ads. Our dedicated team will support you on this task following your goals. Every month, discuss the results around a detailed report and decide the direction to take.


If you are looking onto Baidu PPC and SEM in China but have no ideas on how to get started, trust our expertise with the Baidu Ecosystem. Gentlemen Marketing Agency works with all types of companies, no matter the size we always find a way to adapt to our customers and help them reach their goals in China with all the tools we can.

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BAIDU PPC - Frequently Asked Questions

Is Baidu PPC the same as Google?

In principle, they work the same, but they have both evolved to be their own. For instance, Baidu only supports Chinese Mandarin and for that reason, the keyword algorithm of Baidu is extremely advanced. It means that the Keyword research needs to be precise. The biggest difference is that on Baidu the more you paid the higher your ads will rank. Read more about Baidu PPC Marketing.

Can a Foreign Entity Run Baidu Ads?

Yes, they can. However, as stated above the process is rather complicated. It is also possible to run Baidu ads with a non-chinese website but clearly not recommended.

Are Baidu Ads enough to sell in China?

Not really, you’ll get visitors and Conversion from a Baidu ads campaign, however the results won’t be as good as if you had multiple channels campaigns going on.
Marry you Baidu SEO and Baidu SEM efforts to get the best results. Having a good Baidu SEO strategy will increase the conversion rate of your Baidu PPC campaigns. Why?
Because peoples tends to click more and convert more on ads of company they already know or already have seen content previously.

Is it easy to run Paids Advertising Campaigns on Baidu?

Not really. The competition is rough and keywords optimization is key to success. If you have ever done any PPC ads then you know the importance of optimization. PPC ads can be expensive and that is also true for China. Therefore, being efficient and results-driven is necessary if you don’t want to be throwing money out of the windows. Baidu ads will be full of challenges from the moment you register. It can take several months but once you’ve set up a good routine with your ads, it is a great tool a complete the rest of your marketing effort.