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Baidu Account Registration

Company Audit

Is you company eligible to open a baidu account? how much will it cost?

Documents Check

We make sure your baidu registration files is complete before applying for account.

Account Registration

We launch the application, take care of the fees and paperwork.

Account Set Up

Set-up and optimize your account before Ads launch

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Open Baidu Account Registration

We have been developing Baidu Marketing Strategy for all kind of company since 2012. See some of them below:

More About Openning a Baidu Account

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Register on Baidu

Contrary to google ads, it is not so simple to open a Baidu ads account. When you can just go and create your Google Ads account you’ll need to provide a business license and lot more documentation in order to register on Baidu ads manager. Let us take care of it for you, we have been doing that for years. We will help you from step 1: Determination of the deposit fees cost according to your field Put a compelling file together before applying. Send application and wait for results Application accepted, deposit paid and contract signed

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Set up your baidu ads Account

As for your Google Ads account, you are going to want to set up your Baidu ads account properly in order to optimize the results of your campaign. For instance, you’ll need to define valid landing page URLs for each keyword and make sure you’ve registered your landing page with Baidu etc

Why Hire us to register and set up your Baidu Account?

Registering Baidu account and running Baidu PPC & Baidu SEO campaign was the first sets of solutions we launched back in 2012. We are good at it and efficient at it. May it be for lead generation or brand awareness etc… we are the most cost-efficient agency and have a long history of success.

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Open A baidu Account - Frequently asked question:

Why Should I Incorporate Baidu into my China markeitng Strategy?

Baidu is the biggest Chinese search engines. 70% of the research made on the Chinese internet is made on Baidu. People are looking for information about brands, products etc They want to know if a company is credible and it works for both B2B and B2C. Baidu ads or Baidu PPC is also an excellent way of driving traffic to your store when you are getting started and are still unknown. Coupled with a good SEO strategy it does wonder.

What do I need to Open a Baidu ads Account?

You need a business license, it does not have to be a Chinese business license. You’ll also have to pay deposit fees ranging from $1500 to $8000 according to the industry.

Which industries can not run Baidu Ads?

Finance and Gambling companies can not register or run ads on Baidu. The health sector is heavily regulated and you will have to check the details with an expert to know whether or not your company can promote there.