CLIENT: A De Fussigny

One of Last French Cognac Manufacturers

Our Missions for A De Fussigny

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The Brand & Campaign Context

200 years is a long time to commit oneself, but ADF winery has been doing just that for decades. They have committed themselves not only in their distilling of purest cognac but also withstanding all challengers from other distilleries and remaining the last outside city center producers of high-quality spirits. Its vantage enjoys a worldwide reputation and for good reason. Every process of ADF cognac brewing is strictly supervised and controlled by special personnel, from grape selection and harvest, pressing, oak barrel production, to the final aging and blending, ADF strives to achieve excellence. A, de Fussiny contacted GMA to increase their brand reputation on the Chinese market and increase their visibility with Chinese Cognac lovers and high-end alcoholic beverage connoisseurs.


Here are some of the results obtained after one month only of campaign

  • +12,138 Views on Wechat in 1 month
  • +62% Followers on Weibo in 1 month
  • + 1,200,000 Views on Weibo in 1 month