CLIENT: Averac

Premium and affordable brand of high skincare from Spain

Our Missions for Averac

KOL Campaign WeChat Little Red Book RED Store Online Reputation Chinese Website SEO Campaign PR Campaign Q&A Campaign

The Brand & Campaign Context

Averac is a Spanish skincare brand that provides exclusive care and nourishing solutions for different skin types, directly from their research laboratory in Granada. With over 40 years of experience, Averac has one mission: to provide its customers with the best products available to look after (and maintain) healthy-looking skin! The group travels around the world many times each year selecting innovative ingredients they include in their formulas. With the intention of unlocking business in China, Averac contacted GMA. We designed an entire marketing plan for them to build and perform in less than 6 months: an omnichannel marketing plan and e-commerce strategy focusing on the star social media and social commerce Little Red Book.


  • +2.2K followers on WeChat
  • +1.5K followers on Little Red Book (3x more than Instagram)
  • 15.38% conversion rate on the RED store