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Enlight App - A Relationship Accelerator for Your Classroom.

The Brand & Campaign Context

Enlight Polls allow busy teachers to quickly uncover meaningful insights from their students by presenting the results on one dynamic dashboard. Perfect for your online class. Enlight allows you to see the unseen talents and passions of each student, even when they are learning from home. Enlight App is a hot app on the Apple store, which focuses on photo edit. It is quite popular in the western market. However, before they got connect with us, there were not many people who know their product in China. In addition, there are many competitors in the Chinese market, which are free to download, like Meitu. They contacted our agency for various services in order to increase the app's e-reputation: PR, SEO ranking on Chinese search engine Baidu, KOLs campaigns on Chinese social media WeChat and Weibo, and undercover marketing on forums.


  • Weibo: After one month, the followers increased to around 2000
  • WeChat: Around 1000 users after one month, around 20,000 readings.
  • 8 PR in 8 different medias
  • Update backlinks everyday
  • Publish Q&A everyday

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  • E-Commerce
  • SEO on Baidu
  • Advertising
  • Wechat
  • Wechat Brochure
  • Weibo
  • Relation Publique
  • E-Reputation
  • KOL - Influencers
  • Website Design


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