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Our Missions for ENTRUST (DataCard)

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The Brand & Campaign Context

The story of DATACARD began in 1969 with the establishment of the DATACARD Group, a secure and fast personalized financial card distribution program, and a card printer. Datacard acquired Entrust in 2013, expanding its business to include digital identity capabilities. Entrust instant card solution can enhance the sense of design, management ability, and efficiency, instant printing fine, security card, employee card, student card, membership card, business certificate, all kinds of public enterprise credit card and id card. Datacard (Entrust) wanted to rebuild its brand awareness as 'Entrust' in China. Thus, they contacted GMA to optimize their official Chinese website and come up with a strategy to improve their online reputation in China.


  • Successfully Verified Official Website with New Brand Name
  • Keywords of Brand Ranked the top in the Baidu Search Result
  • + More Than 130,000 Exposure of Website in 1 Month