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They trusted-us to grow their presence in China and we are very proud to have helped this great companies to find their ways in this very competitive market.

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Affiliate Marketing Publishers

Work with reliable affiliate and reduce the financial risk to almost 0. Affiliate marketing technique is one of the most cost-effective solutions as you need to pay only when you get results. We connect you with an affiliate that has creative ideas to promote your products. We help you negotiate the commission rate so you know your cost per acquisition in advance

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Affiliate Marketing Solution For the Chinese Market

It can be overwhelming to work with many affiliates especially when they don't speak your language. Our solution offers management support to help you with that. Our solution includes a dedicated publisher management team, to help you optimize your results with your affiliate but also help you develop your network. We have expert teams in many fields to ensure a smooth process.

Whire Hire Us to Help with Your Affiliate Marketing in China?

GMA has been working on developing a strong network since its launch in 2012. Thanks to our exclusives partnerships, we can help you take your affiliate marketing strategy to another level. Not only we can kick-off your affiliate network but also help you with establishing a strong presence in China with solutions that have proven themselves efficient since our debut.

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Affiliate Markting - Frequently Asked Questions

How Does China Affiliate Marketing Works?

It works the same way in China as everywhere else. First, you, contact and negotiate the cost per sale price with your affiliate. Then, your affiliate put your link on his website. He gets visitors and hopefully, these visitors click on your link, visit your website and convert. All the conversion are tracked. You get your sale and your affiliate gets his commission.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is really simple. Get as many affiliates as possible to promote your products/services. It is a cost-efficient solution as you only pay a commission to your affiliate when you get a sale. Influencers, bloggers, distributors… can all be affiliated.

Is it easy to do affiliate marketing in China?

You can do affiliate marketing in China but it is going to be rather difficult for new brand to find affiliates at the beginning. Hiring an agency to help you with finding affiliate will save you a lot of time.