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Brand Audit

Lets start by defining what is the best ecommerce option for you.

Platforms Registration

We handle the paper work and create your online store

Cross-Border Ecommerce

Sell your products to chinese consumers directly from oversea,

Tmall B2D Ecommerce

100 of thousands of distributors at your disposal to sell your products

Store Management

Store Design, listing, customer services, Advertisement.. We take care of it

E-Reputation Building

Brand Awareness and Reputation to increease Conversion Rate & ROI.

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Our E-commerce Case Studies

With our 7+ years of experience we have had the occasion to work with some great companies, see them grow and grow with them. See below some of them.

E-Commerce in China

Plateform Registration

Depending on the eCommerce platform you want to sell on, the process will be more or less complicated, one things is sure, you won't escape paperwork and lengthy process. Hiring an agency that can help you register and set up your store really is the smartest options you have when thinking of doing ecommerce in China.

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A Good E-reputation is Crucial to do Ecommerce in China

In China more than everywhere else the reputation of a brand is what will make the difference. Chinese consumers to do trust new brand and are not risk taker, resulting in a very low conversion rate. For an unknown brand with no E-reputation the cost of getting visitors will be the same as for a famous brand, the difference is that they will get 100 sales for 1000 visits while the unknown one will get 1. E-reputation should be the base of your marketing strategy when doing e-commerce in China, whatever platform you choose.

Omni-Channel Strategy

To put it simply, the more visible you are the better your brand awareness gets. The more a consumers see you, the greater the ods he/she will think about your brand when needed an item you sell. A higher online presence is also key to build trust. If a consumers is able to find you everywhere it looks, your brands looks a lot more legit.

Why hire us as your e-Commerce Agency in China?

Because we are experienced with e-Commerce in China our agency is cost-efficient and get things done as fast as they can be done. E-commerce & digital marketing are always evolving to fit the consumers needs. We know the trends and are always the first one on the train to offers the newest service to our customers.

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China e-Commerce: Frequently Asked Questions

I have a Small Brand, Can I sell on Tmall?

The answer is probably not but do not give up cause there are better and cheaper options out there for you. Tmall is the elite of Chinese e-Commerce, it is like a huge shopping mall and it has a reputation of quality and reliability to hold, therefore it’s requirements are strict and fees pretty high.

What are the alternatives to Tmall?

There is a bunch and with the good marketing strategy you can succeed on each of them without spending the millions you would spend on Tmall.
For instance, Pinduoduo is now the second biggest e-Commerce platform in China but the requirements to get in as well as the fees are a lot more affordable for small to mid-size company that wish to enter the Chinese market.
If you are in Cosmetic, Xiaohongshu is the place to be with 80% of its user being women from 1st and et2nd tiers city and a taste for high-end products.
Vip, Kaolo, Taobo, Wechat are also good alternatives to Tmall, the choice of platform will depend on your project, goals and budget.

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