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Our Ecommerce Services for China

Chinese Business License

We help you get the precious sesame so that your business functions at full capacity in China

Tmall Partner (TP)

We are a certified TP - We provides services to help your brand grow on Alibaba's ecom aps.

Registration on Online Marketplace

We handle the paperwork and create your online store on Chinese e-commerce apps

Cross-Border Ecommerce

Sell your products to Chinese consumers directly from overseas with cross-border eCommerce

eCommerce Website in Chinese

Building a fast and optimized eCommerce site for Baidu

eCommerce Store Management

We take care of your store design, inventory, listing, promotion, etc.

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Our China eCommerce Case Studies

With our 7+ years of experience, we have had the occasion to work with some great companies, see them grow, and grow with them. See below some of our e-commerce case studies:

E-Commerce in China

Chinese Online Marketplace Registration

Setting up an eCommerce store in China can be a daunting task because of all the paperwork and time involved. But there is help out there! There are e-commerce agencies for China (like us) that specialize in registering your company, setting up your website, and doing various other tasks to make it easier for you. Do you want to sell on the local version of Chinese e-commerce apps? We help you register your company in China and get all necessary licenses, so that's less work for you.

Set-up your eCommerce Strategy for China

Achieving success in the eCommerce industry takes a lot of research and preparation. The first step is deciding on your strategy, ensuring you have set goals and KPIs with market research to help guide you along the way. Once this has been established, it's time to audit what platforms will best suit your needs before choosing one that works for both your business' commercial interests as well as their technical capabilities. Baidu & Chinese social networks are typically some of the best ways get traffic flowing into an online store; however apps like Weibo & Douyin work wonders when looking at profitability through paid advertising campaigns due to unprecedented results seen all over China!

Ereputation: Chinese social media

Weibo, WeChat, Little Red Book (RED), Douyin, etc. are all applications that you want to explore when considering entering the Chinese market. Go viral with Douyin, provide a unique shopping experience for your followers on WeChat, gain the trust of your audience on RED, run ads and contests to engage your fans on Weibo. You don't have to be on all social media, however, the consensus is that WeChat is a must to look legitimate. Social networks like Weibo have direct deals with apps like Taobao, encouraging consumers to make purchases while interacting on social media. A higher online presence is key to build trust. Consumers feel more comfortable when they can find you everywhere, and your brand looks so much more legit!

Omni-Chanel Strategy

The KPIs to take into account to calculate your e-commerce success in China are the same as in the rest of the world: acquisition cost, average basket value, and conversion rate. In China, the conversion rate is highly dependent on your digital presence and reputation. It's not enough to be a good brand, you have to be a well-known brand. We suggest that you have your own web page to rank on Baidu and other Chinese search engines, open an official WeChat account, use the technique of undercover marketing with forums, Q&A and PR.

Why hire us as your e-Commerce Agency in China?

With our experienced team of e-commerce experts and digital marketing managers, your business will have an instant head start on the competition. We offer services that are affordable to even small businesses while still capturing the essence of what a large company would require for success online.

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China e-Commerce: Frequently Asked Questions

I have a Small Brand, Can I sell on Tmall?

The answer is probably not, but don’t give up because there are plenty of better and cheaper options out there for you. Tmall is an elite Chinese e-Commerce company with a reputation of quality and reliability to uphold so its requirements are strict as well as fees pretty high.

What are the alternatives to Tmall?

There is a bunch and with a good marketing strategy, you can succeed on each of them without spending the millions you would spend on Tmall. For instance, Pinduoduo is now the biggest e-commerce platform in China but the requirements to get in as well as the fees are a lot more affordable for small to mid-size companies that wish to enter the Chinese market. If you are in Cosmetics, Xiaohongshu is the place to be with 80% of its user being women from 1st and et2nd tiers city and a taste for high-end products.
Vip, Kaola, Taobao, Wechat are also good alternatives to Tmall, the choice of platform will depend on your project, goals, and budget.

What is China Cross-border eCommerce?

Cross-border e-commerce in China is fascinating because it allows international companies to sell their products, such as clothes and electronics; at preferential duty rates to Chinese consumers. They are able to do this through platforms like Tmall Global or Kaola without having a license for operating business within the country itself.