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Our China Lead Generation Services

Website Design & China Hosting

Get a website optimised for China and lead generation that meet Chinese Business man Standards.

Baidu SEO

Gain visibility and trust with a complete Baidu Seo strategy

Press Release & E-reputation

More credibility and higer Conversion rate with press release.

Wechat Lead Gen

Join & manage group to share information about your company and get leads

Wechat E-Brochure

Easy to share everywhere, generate leads offline and online

Paid Ads

Great way to generate traffic and visibility to get started, good completement to baidu SEO.

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Our Lead Generation Case Studies

They trusted us with their leads generation strategy and got great results

More About China Leads Generation

Localization: Website in Chinese

Lets start by the very obvious. If you want to do lead generation in China, a website hosted in China with a content in Chinese mandarin is step 1. Your website will have to be optimized to rank on Baidu, simply having the english version of it translated in Chinese is not enough. One the main reason is that your website relies a lot on google systems that are blocked on the Chinese internet.

Baidu SEO and PPC

Baidu accounts for 70% of the researches made on the Chinese internet. If a business man is making researches on Keyword you've been working one, there are chances that he will find you and check out who your company is. Seo, will not only get traffic on your website, but well done with the use of third party website increase your credibility online.


Press Release

E-reputation & Credibility is vital for any company that desire to make it in China. Press release are a great and cost efficient way to build this credibility and to become the reference of your industry in China. Being refered by communities and specialits on forum and Q&A site such as baidu zhidao and Zhihu or wikilike Baike is a definit plus.

wechat ebrochure starbuck

Wechat Group & E-brochure

You have to be on Wechat. Wechat is so big in China and such an important part of life (personal or prorefessionnal) that not having on officila account would not look legit. However, the best ways to take advantage of wechat is to have an ebrochure ready to share to any potential prospect and to join and manage as many groups and communities as possible to promote your company.

Why hire us for your lead generation marketing in China?

With 7+ years of existence and more than 700 customers, we have extensive experience in how to market in China. Our agency has offers for every budget, from a one-time campaign to a full long term strategy.

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Leag Generation - Frequently Asked Question

What is lead generation marketing?

Leads generation marketing is a strategy to get potential customers to come to you. With the internet, and businesses looking for information directly online, lead generation has become a powerful tool. With a lead generation strategy, not only you do not have to do cold call anymore, but you can build your reputation online, let the customers come to you and do their researches before they talk with you. You can educate them with blog posts, videos etc…

Why is lead generation important in China?

China has a history of scandals and a culture of scams. Everyone has been scammed once in their life or has been taught since childhood to be aware of scams. Therefore, any Chinese consumers or businessmen will do researches before converting with you. If they can’t find anything online about you, you’ll probably be considered spam. Letting them find you when typing related keywords on Baidu and then do some researches about your company will help the conversion process. The other important point is that mailing does not work in China. Peoples use wechat to communicate. Chinese businessmen expect you to be on wechat and to have a e-brochure to share with them.