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How to Promote an Artist in China?

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Personal branding on Weibo

In order to enter the Chinese market, any artist, star or actor, seeking to promote its image must open a Weibo account. It connects you with 450 million users.

Advanced Weibo

For those wanting a truly interactive account and a more powerful influence, our agency can go much further with our services.


WeChat is another app, gathering 700 million active users. Managed properly, these networks are a successful means of communication.

Design and Content

This is all about your image, a personal brand must be highlighted by extensive, powerful and impacting content. Your content need to be adapted to the Chinese customers.

Media relations

You need to have media platforms featuring you. Most stars, artists or influencers use social media to diffuse their message in conjunction with digital press articles.


It is important to show that you are present, accessible and communicative. To generate popularity, we can organize events, conferences and guest appearances.

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The Chinese market seems to be inaccessible for Westerners, but creating your brand based around an individual's image is possible in China with the right skills and knowledge and that is why we suggest you hire an artist's, star and actor agency China. You must, therefore, build a reliable, professional identity to expect a positive reputation. Here are some brands we worked on as case studies.


Stars Agency in China

Managing this account is more complex than it looks. Our agency can help you open and manage the account for you with updated information, reviews, comments and user interactivity. We are specialists in this field. We help you to manage all the buzz that will create your image and we help you to become known online. We utilize a host of online and offline publications to increase celebrities presence and image, this must be targeted at the most effective and engaged market segments. Gentlemen Marketing Agency is a specialist in the management of these accounts, we are able to offer you the keys to success in China through innovative social media strategy on the best platforms.

Being an Artist in China - Kols Marketing

The artistic industry in China is working totally differently than in Europe or United States. In China you have to grow a community and attract brands to you. You have to become a Key Opinion Leader (KOL). KOLs earn money by monetizing their community and their image, by making brands wants to work with them. In China, your image and community will be your primary source of income. Sell your notoriety !

Stars Agency China KOL Weibo

Content Marketing

Learn to leverage creative video (and use video apps: Kuaishou, Douyin, Little red book). Live Streaming: Ultra popular in China, it is the best to create proximity with your community. Share knowledge about your industry, show that you are a professional. Do not forget community managementManaging your community is very important when it comes to being a KOL, you have to care about your followers, update your content frequently, offer fresh pictures, videos, knowledge,...


Marketing strategy, digital communication, and absolute quality best describe our agency. We are 100% digital, our teams consist of Chinese British, American, and French digital specialists. We are experts in digital marketing and personal branding. We are located in the heart of Shanghai, a thriving creative and high energy location that matches our passion for providing digital solutions for Artists, Stars & Actors in China.

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Promote Artists, Star & Actor in China - Frequently Asked Question

What Platforms Should Artists use to Promote Themselves in China?

Weibo, Wechat, Little Red Book, Douyin, Kuaishou. There are tones of apps for artists to brand themselves and find an audience. Depending on what you do, Sing, Dance, Write, produce video etc… You can choose an app to get started that has features that fit your profile the most. Kol in the beauty industry, for instance, would choose Little red Book, whereas int the music industry we would suggest you Douyin for instance.