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Our Marketing Services for Healthcare Companies in China

China Market Research

Define your goals and plan a smart strategy by studying the chinese healthcare market

Content Localization

We adapt your content & health services/products to appeal to the Chinese crowd

Chinese Website

We design a beautiful website that will be optimized for the Chinese internet & Baidu.

SEO & SEM (Baidu)

Make sure your company is visible by appearing among the first results on Baidu.

Chinese Social Networks

Use social media to build a loyal following of customers. We create content that is engaging, helpful and informative for your followers

Undercover Marketing

Word of Mouth is key in China, so we use forums & PR to help you promote your healthcare company as trusted third parties.

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With years of experience and a team that is second-to-none, we are able to provide you with the best advice & price for the implementation of your healthcare company in China. Check out some case studies below and get a better idea of our work:


Digital Marketing to Promote your Healthcare Company in China

Consider allocating a significant portion of your budget to your digital marketing strategy. Marketing is key if you want to build up relationships that will attract potential clients and offer them top service. Without building trust through digital channels, you'll find it challenging to get conversations going, let alone turn these discussions into conversions and transactions in real life. Healthcare and pharmaceutical companies such as Arkhopharma Laboratories, Vitabiotics, Martiderm and Pharma Deal companies, and even the European Medical Center have chosen digital to access the Chinese market.

Undercover Marketing & Word of Mouth in the Health Sector

Competition among businesses offering healthcare products across China might sound intense but there's hope if one has done their homework ahead of time first: research must include having accounts set up through popular social media networks like Weibo and also forums such as Zhihu. Unleash the power of UGC and have people organically promote your services/products. Peer reviews are highly regarded compared to an official communication. We also help you become the company viewed as the EXPERT in your industry by Chinese consumers through the many Zhihu Business tools. Last but not least: Press releases seem like such an easy thing, but it's actually one of the most efficient ways in our society - especially now with how valued word-of-mouth recommendations can be!

Rank on Baidu with our SEO & PPC Solutions

Healthcare companies need to position themselves on China’s #1 search engine: Baidu. When it comes to Chinese consumers, Google does not hold much sway (well it's blocked by China's great firewall). This means if your company doesn't have a presence there then you're left out in the cold! Having your website translated into Chinese, with the right keywords and phrases used to optimize performance in China will provide consumers with peace of mind. Ranking on chosen search engines is essential when it comes to getting visibility for brands as well as opening up opportunities that weren't available before like Baidu paid advertising or PR campaigns


Gentlemen Marketing Agency helps clients reach out to the growing markets of China by creating multi-faceted digital marketing solutions. We develop and execute cross-channel campaigns that boost sales, create awareness and drive leads for pharmaceutical companies, as well as other healthcare providers such as hospitals. With offices in Paris, Moscow and Shanghai we can tailor a marketing strategy to suit any business and any budget.

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What is the state of the Chinese Healthcare sector?

Improving Healthcare in China and pharmaceutical products is supported by the Chinese state and is a wider social ambition. The Chinese are more aware of their health problems, which are currently quite critical. Boosted by FDI, the enormous Chinese pharmacy market (almost the 2nd biggest worldwide) offers a lot of opportunities for businesses working in health departments and wishing to launch their products in China. The net has become the key tool for growth in this environment. 80% of the 750 million netizens have searched for information related to health care online. There is tough competition so the implementation of efficient and innovative strategies is essential. Understand more about this market with our China healthcare and pharmacy guide.

What are the Trends in the Healthcare Sector in China ?

The Chinese are paying more and more attention to their health problems in China, the demand and the size of the Chinese population are valid reasons to turn to digital, thanks for example to e-consultation, virtual reality or even to artificial intelligence. Many emerging middle-class Chinese are willing to devote a significant portion of their budget to health.

How is China Healthcare market evolving?

China’s healthcare system is in dire need of an upgrade. The country has so many problems with their health care that it will soon be resolved thanks to digitization, which takes place at every level including making appointments or distributing drugs but also includes gradually relieving Chinese medical services through information technology tools like electronic prescribing systems and telemedicine applications on smartphones. With the market demands evolving so are the regulations, keep on eye open are they are everchanging. Contact-us for more info on the steps to register your healthcare/ pharmaceuticals product or services in China.

What are Chinese online pharmacies?

As for any other product, the Chinese love to buy everything online. It is also called “internet pharmacy” (网上药店). This platform is really popular and more and more are seeing the light of day. The most known are Aliheath and JD health. Don’t be shy and Go digital!