Cosmetics and Beauty Products in China

Gaining the trust of the Chinese cosmetic consumer

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To penetrate the Chinese market, you need to have content : enticing visuals are the best way to promote your brand. A quality website will attract customers.

SEO on Baidu

Local search engines are different from western markets. You must reference and optimize your website on Baidu, the most important search engine.

Social Media

They follow their favorite brands on WeChat and Sina Weibo. These popular platforms allow you to keep in touch with your customers, to offer promotions and receive consumer feedback.

eMarketing campaign

The first impression of your costumer is vital, you must care about your designs and visuals. A well constructed image represents a quality product in the Chinese consumer's mind.

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Our team of experts are passionate about digital marketing. We already helped many companies to get a successful implementation in China. We also studied several case study, you can discover some of them below.


The Chinese Cosmetic market

Digital marketing is really important in cosmetic communications. You must understand key market information if you want to successfully integrate into this market ! The growth of the cosmetic industry is undoubtedly the opportunity of the century for cosmetic brands that want to enter China. China’s cosmetics sector has been growing at a fast pace in recent years, in tandem with the rapid development of the economy. According to Euromonitor, retail sales of skincare products in China reached RMB212.2 billion in 2018, while sales of make-up products totalled RMB42.8 billion. Chinese people really care about their skin care, but make up is getting more and more popular. However, be careful ! You need to adapt your products to this market, as they have different make up habits and needs.

Find a Distributor for your Cosmetic brand in China

Chinese distributors are looking for brands. You need to keep in mind that the chinese market is incredibly attractive and distributors receive hundreds of requests per month. They will pick the products/ brands that already have a name in China. It is a lot less work for them. If you want to find a chinese distributors, you'll have to work on your brand awareness. Only then your company will pick the attention of distributors;



Our passion is China. Our passion is Digital. Our passion is Marketing. Gentlemen Marketing Agency is here to help you to integrate and succeed in the Chinese market, we are specialized in the cosmetics sector. Our multi-national team combined with Chinese marketing experts provide winning solutions, we keep abreast of different market sectors so you can capitalize on our knowledge. We have already worked for a host of cosmetics companies include; Avène, Klorane, Parfums de Versaille, Pierre Fabre and Yves Rocher Coslys.

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What are the main distribution channels for my cosmetic brand?

Supermarket and department stores are numerous to sell cosmetics. But e-Commerce is getting more and more developed !

How can international brands attract the attention of Chinese consumers?

You need to have a great visibility in Chinese social networks and e-Commerce platforms. A great visibility can be acquired thanks to a proper digital marketing strategy and the use of KOLs for example.

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