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Our Marketing Services for Beauty Brands in China

Market Research

Define better goals and plan a smart strategy by studying the market in depth

Chinese Website

Get a beautiful & Responsive Website, optimized for the Chinese Internet

SEO on Baidu

Get visible on China #1 Search engine & build your e-reputation

Chinese Social Media

Social Media are crucial for beauty brands to engage with Chinese consumers

KOLs Marketing

Find THE Kols to represents your beauty brands in the Chinese market.

Chinese eCommerce

Start selling your products on China's biggest eCommerce platform

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Cosmetics & Beauty Brands in China: Our Case Studies

Our team has the experience and is passionate about digital marketing. We've helped many cosmetics and beauty brands in China, from just a market research to full business strategy: registering a trademark, Chinese business license, eCommerce store, and marketing strategy.

More about our Services for Beauty Brands in China

Study China Beauty Industry before entering the Market

When it comes to the beauty industry, China is only second to the US but growing at a rapid pace. Beauty brands from all over have been flocking the market for years in hope of getting their piece of the cake. For Beauty brands, China is both a land of opportunities and challenges. Yes, the consumer's pool is enormous and growing but so does the competition and not just from international brands as locally grown brands are now on top of beauty sales in China. With this context in mind, it seems pretty obvious that any beauty brand new to the Chinese market should run an in-depth research and learn about things such as: The competition within their industry segment. Pricing ranges for various customer profiles across different regions of China, demand on a national scale among consumers who have already been exposed or are interested enough with other brands' products before trying them. Such a study will help brands with taking important decisions and defining goals.

Beauty Brands in China need a Website & Baidu SEO

In today's market, it is important for beauty and cosmetics brands to have their website ranking on China’s #1 search engine: Baidu. As a matter of fact, Google does not work in the country and most Chinese consumers first use Baidu when researching products or companies that they are interested in. Thus, having a Website in Chinese, optimized to run smoothly and safely in China will provide consumers with the assurance that you are real. Ranking on chosen keywords helps when it comes to getting visibility for your brand and opens the way to Baidu paid advertising and PR. Although Press Release seems like a very basics way of marketing your brand, it is one of the most efficient in a society that values word of mouth and recognition for third (non-official) parties.

Chinese Social Media & Kols

When it comes to marketing your beauty products in China, you need to be present on Chinese Social media, ideally with a business account. A business account offers promotion tools and credibility that individuals do not. When it comes to the Beauty Industry we suggest apps such as WeChat, Weibo, Little Red Book, and sometimes Douyin. Registering on those apps can be somewhat challenging for companies that are not settled in China, in this case, hire an agency to take care of it for you. In parallel with taking advantage of the numerous tools available with a business account, start working with Chinese Kols to strengthen your reputation within the market. Kols can help your brand get the boost it needs and build a bigger community on social media faster.

Find a distributor for your cosmetics brand in China

Yes, Chinese distributors are looking for beauty and cosmetic brands. However, you need to keep in mind that the China market is incredibly attractive so they will pick products/brands with already established names there. It's a lot less work on their end too - if your company wants some attention from these buying agents then all we can say is it takes time and effort into building up brand awareness in China through SEO, PR, and Social Media Marketing.

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Sell your Beauty Brand on Chinese Ecommerce Apps

There are so many Chinese eCommerce platforms to choose from and we know it can be overwhelming, but don't worry as the market research that you conducted before entering the market will give you insights on what would be your best option(s). Whether you decide to go with classic eCommerce or cross-border eCommerce, our team will accompany you in the whole process: from getting the necessary licences to registering your brand on the store of your choice (bonus: we are Tmall Partner), to design, customers service and on-site marketing.

Choose us to Promote & Sell your Beauty brand in China

Our passion is China. Our passion is Digital. Our passion is Marketing. Gentlemen Marketing Agency is here to help you to integrate and succeed in the Chinese market, we are specialized in the cosmetics sector. Our multi-national team combined with Chinese marketing experts provide winning solutions, we keep abreast of different market sectors so you can capitalize on our knowledge. We have already worked for a host of cosmetics companies include; Avène, Klorane, Parfums de Versaille, Pierre Fabre and Yves Rocher Coslys.

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Promote a Beauty/Cosmetics Brand in China - Frequently Asked Questions

How to find a reliable distributor for cosmetics in China?

To find a Chinese distributor, work on the reputation of your company in China and start prospecting while also implementing a smart lead generation strategy. Many supermarkets and department stores sell cosmetics. There are also many retail stores, specialty stores, and wholesale stores (like Sephora for example) that exist, there are brick-and-mortar solutions (physical stores) for all budgets. But e-commerce is developing more and more and is becoming essential to sell your products, keep a link with your customers but also increase your visibility and e-reputation. Do not neglect Chinese social networks like Pinduoduo or Bilibili either, which specialize in cosmetics and will do everything.

How can international beauty brands attract Chinese consumers?

To reach Chinese customers, your beauty brand needs to have high visibility on the many social networks and e-commerce websites. In China, there’s a lot of competition for this market so you have to stand out! High visibility can be acquired through a good digital marketing strategy and the use of campaigns with KOLs specializing in beauty and cosmetics for example. Popular international brands in China are popular precisely because they are specialized and because they are known for their brand history or specific quality. Do like them!

What are the main trends of the Chinese cosmetics market?

There are loads of new trends emerging every year, in part thanks to KOLs, millennials, and the ubiquity of social media in China. Among these many trends, we can mention K-beauty (or Korean beauty), which is emerging from South Korea and the K-Pop movement. There is also the natural/organic beauty, showing that Chinese consumers are paying more and more attention to the composition and origin of the products they use. Finally, packaging remains of capital importance in China: the product must be beautiful, smell good, have an interesting color code to be able to be photographed and shared.