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China CBEC: A great opportunity to enter the Chinese market

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Our Services for Cross-Border e-Commerce in China

TP (Tmall Partner)

Our Agency is certified by Alibaba to provide eCommerce services on its platforms

CBEC Store management

We will work on the commodity submission as well as the page optimization (image design, description and design).

Customer service

Customer service needs to be updated with all the service details and prices. We’ll help you to set up a customer service for your Chinese customers.

Brand Promotion

We will help you with the platform promotion to increase your brand awareness and reputation on the Chinese market.

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With many years of experience, we have been able to assist hundreds of brands in their China cross-border eCommerce journey.


China Cross Border E-commerce - Registration

The process of registering for a cross-border eCommerce platform can be overwhelming. Luckily, we're here to help you! We'll guide you through the registration process and provide solutions that will improve your sales on China's largest marketplaces such as Tmall and JD Global. As a Certified Alibaba partner, we have solutions for all of your needs as an international seller looking to grow in the middle kingdom!

China CBEC Logistics & Customers Services

Fast delivery and top-notch customers services are the norms in China. This level of services is why consumers prefer placing orders on market place rather than eCommerce websites. Just like registration, we provide you with logistics and customers services solutions.

Brand Awareness is Key to Sell in China

Building a successful eCommerce journey in China requires strong brand awareness. The best way to build that, or any other kind of internet-based business for that matter, is through the many online channels available on Chinese soil - from Baidu SEO and social media streams like WeChat to live streaming services such as Douyin and Kuaishou. If you won't promote your store off-site then we discourage you from coming to China altogether.


Thanks to our china cross-border eCommerce expertise and our partnership with Alibaba as a TP we are able to provide cost-effective solutions to foreign brands wishing to try out the market through this channel.

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What is the Cross Border E-commerce ?

Cross-border eCommerce websites allow consumers to buy products online from merchants located abroad. This kind of online shopping is more and more popular in China. Cross-border online trade reached RMB 3,100 billion in 2013 and is expected to increase to RMB 6,500 billion in 2017. The Chinese bought RMB 76.7 billion of foreign products online in 2013. This volume is set to reach RMB 1,000 billion in 2018. With their purchasing power increasing every year, the Chinese are increasingly looking to buy their products abroad. Therefore it’s the right time for your company to make the big leap! And we’ll help you to choose the right e-platforms for your company and your products.

Who are the cross-border e-commerce players in China ?

The platforms on which to sell have become more and more numerous, some of them are for more general product types whilst others are more specialized. Depending on your industry we’ll suggest the most effective platforms on which you can sell your products. The most popular platforms right now in China are JD Global, Tmall Global. Although Kaola is a name that often comes back, the results are not nearly as good as JD or Tmall globals

Why brand should sell on Chinese Cross-Border Ecommerce platforms?

Only by utilizing cross-border eCommerce, brands are able to access the Chinese market without having a business license in China. Such an entry door can be used as more of a testing ground for those companies that want to see how their brand will do before investing heavily into it and going through all the trials and tribulations associated with registering themselves in China.