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We take care of the registration process. Access negotiation and paperwork.

Content Creation

We create and upload great content to your ctrip official page

Users interaction

We encourage visitors to engage more with your content

Community management

Control of the comment feed and highlight of good review

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Why choose us to register your company on Ctrip?

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We find the best KOLs to create awesome campaigns for you.

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More about Ctrip

How Does Ctrip Works

Ctrip is the leading Chinese OTA (Online Travel Agency) and an excellent tool to promote your services, hôtels, restaurants, mall etc to Chinese travelers. It exists since 1999 and has never ceased to evolve to help chinese tourists planning their trip from A to Z. Ctrip has over 10 millions POT on its platforms (point of interest) and over 5000 destinations for tourists to choose from. The platforms use a data strategy based on geo-targeting technique to help visitors discovering POT. Which means that from the moment someone booked on Ctrip, he is targeted and will start to be shown content related to its destination every time he goes on the platform but not only. He will be targeted with DSP on apps such as Douyin (tiktok), RED, Wechat etc then by SMS. That is an opportunity companies relying on tourism should strongly consider.

Ctrip Account Registration

It is not easy to register an official account on Ctrip but we can help you with that. We handle the negotiation for entry price as well as the paperwork. We then set up your account and publish content regularly. Community management is a key point in maintaining a healthy account, therefore, having a local team taking care of people visiting your page, asking questions, customers inquiry, comments section... Is essential.

Ctrip Marketing: Kols and Paid Ads

Ctrip has a diverse ads system, from banners ads to featured post in different sections of their platform. Another efficient way to promote on Ctrip is Kols Key Opinion Leader. They are extremely powerful in China and can kick up a brand in one campaign. Ctrip offers the possibility to collaborate with influencer and to feature the post and top of the search results or category page etc… It all depends on your budget.

Why choose us to register your company on Ctrip?

We continuously develop new solutions to be at the cutting-edge of marketing in China but also and most importantly to answers our customer’s needs. Ctrip registration has been one of our priorities for a while, and after meeting with peoples at Ctrip, we now have a complete solution to help you register and succeed on this OTA.

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Why Should I register on Ctrip?

Online Booking platforms are preferred in China. Just like or, Ctrip or other booking platforms have the same function: to find the best of their holiday destination and plan a trip that will go smoothly with the best deals possible. Having a website is essential for your potential guests to learn more about you, however, most chinese travellers would rather book on Ctrip that on your website.

Is Ctrip as big a Skyscanner?

Ctrip is huge. It connects over 5000 cities all over the world, their website is available in 13 languages, it owns transportation companies and have car transfer in 389 cities in the world. People in China use Ctrip, it is easy, convenient, stress-free, safe… and give users a safety net. A little like when you are ordering from amazon, you know that if anything goes wrong you’ll be refunded anyway.