Digital Marketing in China

How to optimize your digital marketing campaign ?

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How to do smart Digital Marketing in China ?


Your branding and your e-commerce website are vital, this is the reason why you have to work on your e-reputation.

Content Marketing

The content is what will make you different and standout. We offer Mandarin content with personality, warmth and human touch.

Social Media

We have a deep knowledge of the best social networks, from WeChat to Weibo and QQ.

SEO on Baidu

Our agency will offer feedback and advice and provide measurable results and sophisticated analysis.

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After 6 years located in the stimulating city of Shanghai, we are experts of the Chinese market. Thanks to our passion for great work and digital marketing, we already helped many companies to implement themselves in China. Here are some of our case studies.



We are a “pure Digital” player in the digital era nowadays, if you want to succeed in the Chinese market, then you have to master these digital tools. Online marketing is the most cost-effective and efficient way to generate leads for your business.

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Why is digital marketing so important in China ?

Since the urbanization of the country, the Chinese are heavily exposed to advertising and the presence of foreign brands, especially in big malls. However, the biggest influence in their buying decision is online, in order to always keep up with the latest trends. Digital marketing is thus the best way to catch their attention, whereas traditional ways are less and less effective.

Which are the most efficient tool for my digital campaign in China ?

o seduce them, it will be necessary to bet on the digital marketing. Today’s Chinese customers no longer pay attention to billboards or TV ads. They do not trust them. However, by picking them where they spend the most of their time (ie on their smartphones), it is possible to convince them. The most popular networks in China are WeChat, Youku and Weibo. Regarding how to approach them, a more specific, individual and personalized approach would be appreciated.