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Videos advertising, Design & Photos

We create high quality videos, photos, and design. We have a specialized and qualified production team who are able to produce attractive and addictive viral videos.

Online reputation Management

In China, online reputation is vital because Chinese consumers greatly value a companies’ reputation.

Community Management

We are an advertising company that understands Chinese consumers and how they use Chinese social media platforms such as Weibo, Wechat, Youku and forums.

Marketing Buzz

Viral marketing is of huge importance in the Asian giant because Chinese consumers are very sensitive to what makes a buzz.

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Advertising in China has no secrets for us. After several years located in Shanghai, we know everything about the Chinese market. You can see some of our case studies below.


What is display advertising ?

Display advertising refers to advertising that incorporates text, logos and pictures or images positioned on a website or search engine. It is different than Google's text, or classified advertising, in that it not only includes the brand's message, but the business's overall brand.

Why using display advertising ?

The principal purpose of display advertising is to reach the huge Chinese audience in an efficient and rapid way. This kind of advertising is mainly focused on promoting new products, services or seasonal offers. Display advertising allows you to increase your online presence, improve brand awareness and drive potential customers. Display advertising is a very effective tool because it allows you to choose your audience according to their demographic and behavior. In addition, there are a host of tools that enable you to know the performance of your campaign daily and which provide data about impressions, clicks and conversions.



Gentlemen is a Marketing Agency specialized in Display Advertising. We have built up a comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the Chinese market and therefore know how to attract Chinese consumers and generate leads using Display Advertising Methods.

Our agency can create your display ads and place them on the most useful and relevant websites for your business. Thanks to this tool you have the chance to reach a huge Chinese audience in a short time scale. If you want to have more information about Display Advertising, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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What are the advantages of display advertising ?

Firstly, you can design all kinds of ads – text, image, rich media, interactive and video ads.
Secondly, it allows you to place those ads on web pages that are relevant to your products and services. Moreover, you can show the display ads to the audience who are likely to be most interested in your company and your products.
Then you can analyze your results.