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We will help you in all the administration process to submit all the documents required to open diverse account: Alipay and Tmall account. Giving you a market analysis about the existing Tmall store type.


We will help you to design your online shop passing with a relevant content in order to target your audience and drive more traffic on your online store.


Every month we provide a report with an overview of the monthly campaign.


Leading strategical marketing campaigns analysis to advertise your store on Tmall.


Helping you to manage catalog, store and content of your online website.


We will help you to design special promotions and offers that would attract your customers and drive more traffic on your online website.

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Thanks to all of our work with different companies through the years, we are able to provide you the best advices regarding your digital implementation in China. Here are some of our case studies.


What is Tmall ?

Tmall is the biggest B2C marketplace in China. It is also the most popular e-commerce platform for brands and businesses that are legally registered and operate in the country. Tmall is part of Alibaba group that owns many e-commerce platforms like Alibaba, Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan and AliExpress.

Why choose Tmall ?

This e-commerce platform provides a major protection to customers because of the guarantee policy, authenticity and high quality of the products. Adding to this Tmall’s marketers are more reliable and trustworthy because they have to be approved before to set up their shop.



Chinese online-sell websites are often a real challenge for directors that are looking to expand in China via digital. Thanks to our experience and numerous cases studies, we have the knowledge to help and guide you with your integration on those platforms. Located in the heart of Shanghai, our team is made of French, British and Chinese experts that know how to manage the Chinese web, and especially e-commerce strategies.

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How to choose between JD and Tmall ?

Once registered on Tmall, the supplier can take care of his “store”. It must manage the promotion of its brand, the delivery of its goods, the management of the customer service etc. So this option is similar to having your own website. However, you benefit from the Tmall interface. This will give you visibility and credibility with Chinese consumers. But you keep control! However, you will not benefit from all the information you might have had with your own website. Many major brands have already chosen this option; Burberry and Estee Lauder are recent examples. JD on the other hand would be seen as a simple store offering a lot of products, as JD takes care of everything. So this option is very convenient! Because once your products are exchanged with JD, your role ends there. JD will buy the product in bulk and take care of the remaining tasks.