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Visuals that are carefully constructed are essential to attract the Chinese consumer. We can help you choose your designs according to Chinese consumers' tastes.


Being visible on search engines is important when you promote yourself on internet. Google is of no use here. Baidu as the largest search engine needs to used for promotions.

Social networks

Web marketing is using everything that is effective on the web. WeChat and Weibo are essential for your brand's visibility.

Online Marketing

Being present on the right websites is essential. Our expertise will help us find the best website for you.


On the Internet, a buzz can contribute significantly to the reputation of a brand. In China as with the rest of the world, you have to use it to grow your reputation.

PR Campaign

We can get the digital press talking about you with quality Chinese PR. We only focus on digital media sources as it is now more effective than traditional newspapers and magazines.

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Our experts are here to listen to your projects and help you determine the best strategies for the market. Our agency consistently strive to fulfill your objectives and offer you the best quality service possible. Here are some of our case studies.


In 2016, China announced its 13th Five Year Plan which emphasized the development of information technology, innovation, new media and Internet Plus. Significant effort where put into it and resulted in positive and encouraging results. In 2018, China accounted for more than 800 million Chinese internet users. It is a 100 million more compared to 2016. 98 percent of these 800 million are accessing the internet through their mobile devices making China the first country to be a “Mobile First Nation”. The country has now an internet user penetration rate of 57.7 percent. With the continuous improvement of network connectivity and Chinese consumers that can’t seem to separate from their phones, it is necessary for brands to focus on digital marketing strategies such as live broadcasting, short videos, and personalized content.



Our goal is to help businesses become established in the Chinese market. Born out of a passion for marketing, the company is 100% digital and specialize in web-marketing in China. Our team of Chinese and western experts make use of the most effective marketing tools and really know this market, customer habits, and its development.. We are located in the center of Shanghai, at the heart of the Chinese economic Center.

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What are the latest digital marketing trends ?

Short videos are really trendy in China. Chinese love to watch them during their commute in the subway or their work break. Many video created a buzz and are largely shared in Chinese social networks ! KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) are also really efficient as they already have a strong community of followers. The Micro-Influencers are starting to steal the show of the celebrities.