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Our Digital Marketing Solution for Fashion Brands in China

Market Survey

Market & Pricing Study, Planning, Ideation of your Fashion Niche in China

Chinese eCommerce

We take your business to the next level with our eCommerce registration & management services.

Image & E-Reputation

Build a strong reputation in China with our ORM services

Social Media

Engage with Chinese customers through Social Media Marketing

KOLs & Influencers

Find the right KOL or influencer that will suit your needs and your brand in China!


Increase your visibility on China #1 Search engine with smart SEM strategy

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Our Fashion Case Studies in China

In the competitive Chinese Fashion Market, you need a partner that is not only committed but knows how to win. Just like these companies did before, trust us to lead you to success!


China Fashion Market Research & Positioning

The competition in the Chinese clothing market is very strong, and good positioning can be a way to stand out. The company should first identify what they want their target audience (i.e., customers) to think of as distinctive about them before deciding how it'll communicate with that group through marketing or other means; this will help set boundaries for all future communication initiatives which are key ingredients toward success when competing for head-on against others. To define your positioning in the Chinese fashion market as well as your goal, we suggest you study it first. Learn more about your competitors by identifying their key assets, pricing strategy, and so on.

Marketing Campaigns on Chinese Online Platforms

Thanks to the many social networks, blogs, and forums available within China's digital ecosystem you have a diverse set of tools for marketing campaigns that will help build your brand image. Stay connected with community members through content creation as well as positive comments or discussion topics and so on. Trust our copywriting & community management Team to create quality content your community will relate with as well building an engaged following.

Promote your Fashion brand with Chinese KOLs

A KOL is someone who has the power to influence their peers in an industry. Fashion brands that are looking for success should find a way how they can leverage these influential people and make themselves seen, heard about, or simply just be recognized by those around them so it'll help with gaining visibility among other competitors vying for attention within China's highly competitive market. Thanks to our dedicated team, we have a large network of reliable Chinese KOLs for all goals and budgets that allows us to roll out Kols Campaigns quickly and efficiently.

Community Management & ORM

Keep your customers informed of any change, event, or new product release through the management of your Chinese social networks. Choose the social networks that match your brand DNA and build a community of loyal customers. Our ORM Team will make sure you are always presented in the best light and help you manage any potential crises elegantly.

Fashion & eCommerce in China

The Chinese e-commerce world is vast and full of opportunities. There are options for all budgets, markets, and goals from TMall which caters to high end big brands with it's luxury offerings like Gucci or Louis Vuitton; Taobao catering moreso towards smaller-scale companies that can't afford the larger marketplace. We help you at every step of the process, from choosing the best fit for your Fashion brand, goal, and budget, to registration and store management and promotion.


Ever since we first opened up shop in China, it has been our goal to help as many fashion brands find success there. With more than 10 years of experience and services provided for over 1k+ clients across all types of businesses; big or small – we have positioned ourselves as one of the most innovative and cost(efficient digital marketing agencies that help companies make it in the Chinese market.

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Is China a good market for my fashion brand ?

Yes! This is a huge market, soon to surpass the American one. The middle class in China is growing and so is their purchasing power. Image is really important in Chinese culture so more and more people really give importance to what they wear.  Learn more about the fashion industry in China and how to promote your brand there.

What is the most efficient way to sell fashion goods in China ?

Chinese people love to shop in the comfort of their homes. E-commerce is highly developed and you do not need a brick-and-mortar shop to sell your products!

How to grow your fashion e-reputation in China?

Online reputation is essential for a fashion brand in China; if no one is talking about you or your products, no one will buy your brand! Think SEO SEO on Baidu to be visible online, but also undercover marketing and reviews through blogs, forums, and Q&A sites. We can help you create a positive buzz around your brand while avoiding bad buzz!