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How to successfully sell your fashion in China ?

Online branding

There are several ways to increase your popularity online. Viral marketing, KOLs or PR, we can help you find the best strategy for your brand.


Visuals are essential to differentiate you from other brands on the market. We can help you matching your brand's image with Chinese consumers' taste.

Image and reputation

Image is crucial in China. Your brand needs to have a good reputation because trust is a major factor in Chinese customers' mind.


Local consumers will attach a lot of importance at your brand's presence on medias. Social networks such as WeChat and Weibo are crucial.

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After several years of hard work in the heart of the dynamic city of Shanghai, we have became experts of the Chinese market. Here are some of our case studies.


Branding is the key

Differentiation is a key success factor for the competition that is already very strong in the Chinese clothing market, and a good positioning is the first step in the differentiation competitive strategy. The company can set the target-heart and decide the marketing and the communication strategy only after the definition of an identified and distinguished position.


Thanks to a strong knowledge about the fashion market in China, we regularly analyze and comment about the current events related via numerous articles. 90 % of Chinese consumers qualify of “much more convenient” a brand they can find on-line. We have a panel of efficient solutions to guarantee the success your brand worth. The agency is 100% digital. The tools we use and manipulate are indispensable to an integration on the Chinese market. But we are there to use them for you, in your sector. VOGUE is one of the companies we have work with.

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Is China a good market for my fashion brand ?

Yes ! This is a huge market, soon to surpass the American one. The middle class in China is growing and so is their purchasing power. Image is really important in Chinese culture so more and more people really give importance to what they wear.

What is the most efficient way to sell my clothes in China ?

Chinese people love to shop in the comfort of their home. E-commerce is highly developed and you do not need a brick-and-mortar shop to sell your products !

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