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Our Marketing Solutions for Food & Beverage Companies in China

Baidu SEO

SEO in China is different than in the West. Baidu is the main search engine in China. We can help you get a strategy adapted to the Chinese digital landscape.

Press Relations

With all of the food scandals that China has been through, reputation is really important in China. A great press relation can give the customers trust in your products.

Marekting Buzz

To make your way into the Chinese market really fast, we can raise awareness through buzz marketing.

Social Media

Social networks are parts of Chinese lives. It is important for your brand to create a community in WeChat or Weibo.

Visibility reputation

In China, everything is based on your e-reputation and online visibility, be careful about your image.

Website Content

Localize and translate your website content in Chinese and adapt it to the local market.

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F&B in China: our Case Studies

With 10 years of experience as of 2021, we have successfully accompanied hundreds of F&B companies on their China journey: from licensing, to finding distributors or opening stores on eCommerce apps, etc...

More about Promoting a F&B Company in China

Chinese F&B market knowledge

With a high number of local food scandals and the quick evolution of living standards and expectations, the F&B market in China represents a real opportunity for foreign food and beverage exporter. The Chinese market, which last year accounted for more than $ 140 million, continues to increase because, for 77% of the population, a good diet is a number one priority.

Food & beverage and digital opportunities

In recent years, Chinese food purchasing habits have changed dramatically. Understanding the preferences and mindset of consumers is essential for success in China, and here are the key points to better understand it. The Internet is today the main source of information for verifying information on food brands.

The growing trend of imported products

France and the USA are considered to have the best reputation for exporting food products. Then come to Japan and Italy. Dairy products and snacks are the 2 types of imported products most purchased by Chinese consumers. More than half of respondents who buy imported food buy at least one of these 2 items.

Chinese consumers consumption habits

60% of respondents who buy imported food do so online. Why do they prefer to buy online? Because it's more convenient for 70% of them, and because they can find better prices than in stores. Recommendations from friends and family as well as online information are for 67% of the panel members a motivation to buy imported food online.

Why hire us to help you with your F&B Projet in China?

We have worked for Epermarket, an online F&B platform in Shanghai, mainly by using SEO and creating and managing social network content-based campaigns. F&B (Food and Beverage) in China is a specific market and we are here to help you get an efficient implementation.

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What is the size of the F&B market in China?

China is the largest food & beverage market in the world, overtaking the United States as of 2011. In 2018, the imported food market in China exceeded $ 71 billion. Several factors increased the demand for international food & beverage brands, such as food safety concerns as well as the growing wealth of Chinese consumers. These trends continue to indicate that demand will only increase and as consumers become more exposed to foreign brands, the need to distinguish your brand will become increasingly necessary.

How to sell F&B products in China?

To sell any kind of food, agri-food, or beverage products in China, you need to adapt to Chinese consumers. You must know their tastes and also attach importance to your packaging; yes, packaging with an impactful and original design can play a large part in your favor. To gain the trust of your Chinese prospects, you will need to build a loyal community through online reputation and visibility. Finally, you must think of the Chinese e-commerce platforms, which are very numerous, to distribute your products in China.

How to build a digital strategy for F&B market in China?

  1. SEO ranking on Baidu to be visible before your competitors and build your online reputation
  2. A translated and localized website for China
  3. Design, original and personalized content to differentiate you and mark the consumer
  4. E-commerce / social media platforms such as Pinduoduo, Ele.me, Meituan, Dianping, Xiaohongshu … to distribute your products
  5. Official accounts on WeChat (H5 brochures, mini-programs …) and Weibo.